Arrow Boards

Model # TBA

Mechanical Specifications
- Length: 31”
- Width: 3”
- Height: 24”
- Diameter: 40”
- Net Weight: 42 lbs.

- Eight: 4 1/8” diameter LED flashers. (10 LED in each.)
- Neon dark orange background night deflection.
- Black arrow is 6” wide.
-- Light blinker modes for left, right and caution displays.

Flashing arrow signals initiate when flaps are changed in sequence to displayed directional setting. Side magnets hold the flaps down and function by magnetic contact, which sends signal to the PLC inside to operate at that directional setting.

(Note: When changing direction on the board by turning the flaps over, give a 5 second waiting period for the PLC to read the changed setting. Also make sure battery in charged in order for flashing arrow sign to operate accordingly. May be useful to add a small portable solar panel to maintain power efficiency to the battery.) Runs on 12 VDC battery with connection gator clips on the power cord. Has ON/OFF switch. (Solar panel extra.) /td>
Arrow Board Arrow Board
Arrow Board Arrow Board
Arrow Board Arrow Board

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